I have rented a Battlefield 2® ranked server. Can I get BF2ahd for my server, too?

If your server provider is BF2ahd licensed, yes. If not, you should contact your provider and ask for BF2ahd.


How do I get an account on this website?

You have to be a "EA TRUSTED" partner to get an account. If so, just request an account by using the contact form.


We need the following information:


  • Your company's website (where you offer BF2 RANKED servers)
  • Your company's contact e-mail/person
  • Your company's phone number (optional)


  • A copy of your "EA-TRUSTED" contract/license.


Does a Windows® version of BF2ahd exist?
Yes. BF2ahd is currently running on Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2003 and Linux (x86 and AMD64) operating systems.


Are there any signs like the servername or server variables to detect if BF2ahd is running on a server?
There is no indicator if the server is BF2ahd-protected or not. Merely a recurrent in-game server message shows that BF2ahd is running on the server.


Where can I find more information about BF2ahd?

You may want to read the interview of our development team on


German Version:

English Version:


If you still have any questions please feel free to use the contact form.



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